Considering that companies with a payroll of over 2 million must invest 1% of this payroll in ongoing training, planning a training calendar is the ideal solution.

To simplify this process, APECQ offers a coaching service to create customized training programs.PERFECTLY TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS.

But what is the 1% law?

We also know the law of the 1%, like thelaw on skills. Its aim is to enrich the skills and qualifications of your active employees. Not only does this procedure optimize in-house knowledge and know-how, it also helps to create a sense of belonging, and propel certain candidates towards higher positions.

Any employer with a payroll in excess of $2 million is subject to this law, and must invest 1% of this payroll in employee training.


How can APECQ help you?

Thanks to APECQ's training expertise, our team can take charge of planning your training schedule. In collaboration with our trainers, our consultants continually develop effective training content and offer to support your team in optimizing your procedures.

In-house training programIn-house training program
In-house training programIn-house training program

Training development

In order to offer a program that meets the needs of the industry, APECQ, in partnership with experts, develops current and adapted training topics.

In-house training programIn-house training program

Customized training

To meet the needs of all your team members and offer greater flexibility, APECQ offers group or private training in the workplace as well as virtually.

In-house training programIn-house training program

Program on request

Our team offers a tailor-made annual program to facilitate yearly planning.

In-house trainingIn-house training

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Customized training, on demand or à la carte


Optimize your work processes by developing your expertise and opting for effective strategies.

Accounting and finance

Master your company's accounting and financial picture using the appropriate tools.

Health & Safety

Make the most of your teams' health and safety by offering techniques and tips for better OHS management planning.


Stay informed about the sources of law governing contracts and the obligations of the various parties involved.


Deepen your knowledge of the main software programs used daily by
in the workplace.

Human resources

Discover new HR approaches and update your know-how in recruitment, engagement, succession and branding.

Customized training coursesCustomized training courses

Because the right support can make all the difference!

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