The mission of the Association patronale des entreprises en construction du Québec (APECQ) is to vigorously promote the interests of its members and to provide them with the best range of tools and services to optimize their activities.



APECQ must be recognized as the true multi-sectoral crossroads of the Quebec construction industry through the consolidation of a high-performance business network. It promotes the increased development of a wide range of quality products and services, at the cutting edge of innovation and, above all, the evolution of commercial and industrial practices.


The members of the Board of Directors of APECQ, as well as its employees, are committed to their members, the industry and their business partners, to behave in a fair and honest manner, to make actions and decisions based on customer satisfaction, to act as a good and responsible citizen and finally, to make every effort to offer excellence and innovation in all services and products.

ACOQ's missionACOQ's mission


In order to gather their forces, share their ideas and defend the common interests of the members, a group of 26 contractors, named Builders exchange of the city of Montreal, was born in 1897. Its status as a corporation was ratified in 1899.

A wave of changes follows:

1962 - Builders exchange becomes the Montreal Construction Association

1974 - The Montreal Construction Association becomes the Association de la construction de Montréal et du Québec (ACMQ)

1989 - The ACMQ changes to the Association de la construction du Québec - Région de Montréal (ACQ-Montréal) and then becomes the ACQ for several years.

2000 - ACQ Montreal is reborn

Since 2002 - Association patronale des entrepreneurs en construction du Québec, APECQ.

ACOQ and its historyACOQ and its history


Because it is the largest voluntary multi-sectoral association in Quebec.
Because it promotes gender diversity in the construction industry.
Because it offers services that truly meet the needs of construction contractors.
Because it provides professional training for the contractors of tomorrow.
Because it contributes to the advancement and continuous improvement of
the construction industry in Quebec.
Because it represents an important business network.

Construction ContractorConstruction Contractor